The forms on this page are for VFW & VFW Auxiliaries
 in Colorado only. 
Click on the form you need, print it on your printer, fill it out and mail it in to Department Headquarters.
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VFW Post, District & Department Officer Forms VFW & Auxiliary
VFW Auxiliary Forms
VFW National Website VFW Store

VFW Store Order Form
VFW Auxiliary National Website
VFW Auxiliary Installation Warrant (Fillable)
(Installation of 2017-2018 Officers)
Sexual Harassment Policy Internal Revenue Service E-Postcard

Auxiliary Officers & Chairmen Form 2017-2018 (fillable)
(Auxiliary & District Presidents) (updated 4/25/17)

District & Conflict of Interest Form

District Form

VFW Post Form
Military Records & FAQ

Click Here to access National Archives

Standard Form 180
(Records Request Form)
Delegate Registration Forms District & State Convention

(Enter information on page one and the other pages will auto fill)

District Convention Delegate Form (Fillable)

Department Convention Delegate Form (Fillable)
VFW Retention Policy VFW Membership

Eligibility for VFW Membership

VFW Membership Application(Fillable)

Auxiliary Report of Deceased Members 2016-2017
(Send to Department Secretary, Department Chaplain & District Chaplain)
District Meeting Schedule Form
(District Commander Fill out and Return to HQ)
Auxiliary Courtesy Report Form 2016-2017
(Chaplain Monthly Report) updated 4/25/17
VFW Membership Recruiting Supplies
VFW National Website Login required
"MY VFW" - click Training & Support-
click Membership and Retention - click Forms
VFW Auxiliary Membership

Eligibility for VFW Auxiliary Membership

Application for VFW Auxiliary Membership (Fillable)
(updated 10/12/2017)
Auxiliary Officers Change Form (Fillable)
(updated 4/25/2017)
Auxiliary Audit Form
Patriotic Art
VFW Election Report

Post Officer Election Report Form(Fillable)

District Officer Election Report Form(Fillable)
Community Service/Program Report
2017-2018 Fillable Form is not available at this time.

Community Service Instruction Form 2017-2018

2017-2018 Community Service Report Form(printable Updated 7/26/2017)

2017-2018 Community Service Report Form(Fillable Updated 8/3/17 )
Use the TAB key to navigate the form
Veterans & Family Support Program
Accountable Officer Bond Form 2017-2018
Bond Application Changes Please Read Carefully
! Bonding Dead Line September 1st !
(updated 7/13/2017)
2017-2018 Buddy Poppy Order Form(updated 5/16/2017)
NOTE: Report all problems with Buddy Poppy Orders within 30 Days
(Defective, Damaged, Shortages)
Any Poppy Order not received within 80 Days will not be replaced.
Call VFW Department of Colorado HQ with Order Questions.
Department of Colorado VFW Auxiliary

*Veteran Pin Order Form-(Proceeds to Operation TBI Freedom)

*License Plate Cover-(Fundraiser)
VFW Recruiters Report Form
Trustee's Report of Audit

Instructions- How to Fill out Audit Form

Trustees' Report of Audit Form(Fillable)

Trustee's Report of Audit Form(Blank Printable)
"TAPS" Report Form 2017-2018(Fillable-updated6.30.17)
(For Colorado Veteran & Convention Memorial Service)
(Form is for VFW or VFW Auxiliary)
Hospitals and VAVS
Ralph W. Emerson / Jack Gulden Memorial Awards & Scholarships

Salute to Service

VFW Nomination Form

VFW Auxiliary Nomination Form
VFW Auxiliary Department Youth Activities Forms

*Youth Groups Supporting our Veterans

*Young Volunteer of the Year Award Form

*Youth Group of the Year Award Form
Post- Agreement for Automatic Deposit
(Deposit agreement between Post & National)
Other Resources
Post- Member Change Request Form (MCR)
Post- Continuous Member Transmittal Form
Post- Direct Dues Transmittal Summary Form
Quartermaster's Detail of Receipts and Disbursements
Transfer Member Declaration Form
(Post Quartermaster to Keep on File)
Legacy Life Membership Acceptance Form
VFW- Automatic Payments Authorization Agreement
Form is to apply for Automatic Payment of:
VFW Annual renewal, Life Membership Installment
& Legacy Life Installment
Representative Visitation Form/Report

Department Representative to District Meeting

District Commander Visitation to Post

District Commander Report of District Meeting
 District & Post Inspection Form

VFW Post Inspection (updated 6.18.17)

VFW District Inspection (updated6.18.17)

District & Post By-Law & Articles of Incorporation Template
(Word Document Files)

VFW Post By-Law

VFW Post Articles of Incorporation

VFW District By-Law

VFW District Articles of Incorporation

Post Charter Location Change Form
Post Consolidation Form
Post Name Change Form
VFW Post Charter Application

VFW Department of Colorado Headquarters

Office Hours M-F 7:30 AM -4:00 PM

(Closed Holidays, Funerals and other Events)

VFW Department of Colorado
1400 Carr Street
Lakewood, CO 80214

Telephone: (303) 421-1630
Fax: (303) 421-1727

Department of Colorado VFW Auxiliary
(No Physical Address)

E-Mail: Dept. VFW Auxiliary President

VFW State Service Office

Office Hours M-F 7:00 AM -3:30 PM
Closed for Lunch
(Closed Holidays, Funerals and other Events)

VFW State Veterans Service Office
155 Van Gordon St., Room 360
Lakewood, Colorado 80228

Mail Only:
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Service Office
PO Box 25126
Denver, CO 80225

Telephone is (303) 914-5595

E-Mail:VFW Service Office