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Dept VOD

Dist 2 VOD

Dist 3 VOD

Dist 4 VOD

Dist 5 VOD

Nat Pres Sissy In Colo1

Nat Pres Sissy In Colo2

Nat Pres Sissy In Colo3

Nat Pres Sissy Homecoming

Pueblo All Patients

Pueblo CBOC Opening

Wayne T Celebration

Kirk Homecoming

Linda Homecoming

COA Alamosa 1

COA Alamosa 2

Nat Conv Vanderclute

Nat Conv Pt1

Nat Conv Pt2

Nat Conv Aux Dinner

Nat Conv Install

Nat Conv Reception

State Conv

Conv warrior runs

Conv COA

Conv Joint Open 1

Conv Joint Open 2

Conv Ladies Aux 1

Conv Ladies Aux 2

Conv Open House

Conv Mil Banquet

Conv Installation

Conv Poppy

Conv Misc

Val going away

Traveling Wall

Conifer Vet

Post 1

Loyalty Day

MOC & MOCA Install

Salute to Serv

coa 4051 Pt1

coa 4051 Pt 2

DC Leg & Nat VOD

Dept VOD Weekend

Veterans at Capitol

Dist VOD PatPen

Commander Christmas

West Conf NM

COA Golden

PDC/PDP lunch

Homecoming 2012

Rifle 25th Anv

Pueblo All Patients

Nat Pres Leanne's Visit

Cheyenne VA Picnic

COA Alamosa Sat Aug 18

COA Alamosa Sun Aug 19

National Convention Page 2012 Reno

Howard Vander Clute Ride 2012

Nat Convention 2012 day 1

Nat Convention 2012 Joint Opening

Nat Convention 2012 Buddy Poppy Displays

Nat Convention 2012 Buddy Poppy Winners

Nat Convention 2012 National President's Banquet and Patriotic Rally

Nat Convention 2012 Commander in Chief Hamilton's and National President Lemley's Reception

Nat Convention 2012 Last Day and Election of Officers

Leadville Boom Days

Post 322 80 Years

Conifer Vet Event

Nat Pres Gwen's Visit

Loyalty Day 2012

Salute to Service

UVC Banquet

Aux 3981 Institution

COA Grand Junction 2012

Youth Carnival 2012

Ladies Aux Mid Year

VOD Banquet

After Banquet Party

Student Vets

Commanders Christmas Party

Founders Day Post1

Ladies Aux Christmas

MOC Breakfast

Cancer A & R

West Conf Utah

COA Fort Morgan

President Home Comming

Commander Home Comming

9 11 Freedom Rally

Nat Conv San Antonio Pg1

Nat Conv San Antonio Pg2

Nat Conv San Antonio Pg3

Nat Conv San Antonio Pg4

COA Longmont

Colo VFW Band

State Covention Photos

Commander in Chief Visit day 1

9 11 Freedom Rally Dinner

Loyalty Day Pt 1

Loyalty Day Pt 2

Salute to Service Pt 1

Salute to Service Awards

UVC Banquet

COA Alamosa Part 1

COA Alamosa Part 2

9/11 Freedom Rally Kickoff

Dept Youth Carnival


West Slope Honor Flight

Winter Wonderland

Department V O D Banquet

State Comm Christmas Party

State Pres Christmas Party

MOC MOCA Weekend

Founders Day

VFW Foundation Presentation

Western Conference

COA Oct 4171

National President Visit 2601

State Commander Home Coming

State President Home Coming

North CO Honor Flight

Nat Conv Joint Opening

Nat Conv Western Conference

Nat Conv All American Breakfast

Nat Conv Displays

Nat Conv Colo Open House

Nat Conv Patriotic Rally

Nat Conv All Conf Open House

Nat Conv CIC Install and Reception

Nat Conv Bill Esch

Post 1 Afghanistan

Cheyenne VA BBQ

COA July

Honor Flight Dist 3 Poker Run

All State Commanders and Quartermasters

All State Presidents and Treasurers

St Conv Joint Opening

St Conv VFW Awards

St Conv Ladies Aux Awards

St Conv Displays

St Conv Mens Aux Awards

St Conv Ladies Aux Lunches

St Conv Memorial Service

St Conv Parade

St Conv VFW Warriors Events

St Conv Military Banquet

St Conv Installation

St Conv Reception

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Telephone (303)421-1630. Fax (303)421-1727.
hours 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Mon - Fri
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VFW State Veterans Service Office
155 Van Gordon St., Room 360, Denver, Colorado 80228
Telephone is (303)914-5595
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